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Elizium official video

Elizium official video

Official video of the title song from the new album by Dutch dark rock band Elizium, titled 'Elysium', starring swordfighter Mishael Lopes Cardozo, the Dutch actor who played in Game...

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CRIMSON SLAUGHTER launched Faceless Henc…

CRIMSON SLAUGHTER launched Faceless Henchmen

Spanish thrashers CRIMSON SLAUGHTER launched „Faceless Henchmen” video to accompany their crowdfunding campaign.  The song comes from their recently released second album "Surveillance States", which you can listen on www.crimsonslaughter.bandcamp.comThe physical...

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SOLFERNUS video "Mistresserpent…

SOLFERNUS video "Mistresserpent"

Moravian Hellgang SOLFERNUS launches official HD video "Mistresserpent" made by Ex Inferi Production.  The song comes from recently released album called "Neoantichrist" (Satanath Records in Europe, Azermedoth Records in America). 

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Glenn Rogers rejoins PRIMAL

Glenn Rogers rejoins PRIMAL

Glenn Rogers rejoins PRIMAL.  Renowned axeman Glenn Rogers (Deliverance, ex-Hirax, ex-Heretic, ex-Viking, ex-Vengeance Rising, ex-Once Dead) have rejoined the American/Argentinian heavy metal powerhouse PRIMAL. The band announces fresh blood, too. Burke Morris...

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MP3 Downloader

MP3 Downloader

  Welcome to the Russian Metal Radio MP3 Downloader!  Here you can download compositions from our radio in MP3 format. All files are OFFICIALLY provided by the bands! No piracy! Choose a style, group and...

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Group: Surgery ()

Genre: Death Metal


1. Clinic Death

2. River in Silence 

3. Grime 



Listen to Surgery:

Absorbing Roots



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BandZone -

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