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Heavy/Power Metal - 50%
Thrash/Speed Metal - 33.3%
Death/Doom Metal - 0%
Black Metal - 16.7%
Grind Core - 0%

Проголосовали: 12

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Music Cloud

The Finnish company Inverse Music Group has provided our online radio station with 2018 released & not yet released compositions by the administered collectives. Stylistics is very varied - from Hard Rock to Black Metal!

Listen and enjoy:


1. Group Atlas (Finland)

2. Group Red Eleven (Finland)

3. Group Vile Caliber (Finland)

4. Group Jack 13's Panzercrow (Finland)

5. Group Circenses (Finland)

6. Group Ratbreed (Finland)



Listen to our online radio and enjoy the music of these and other great bands!

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