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Heavy/Power Metal - 50%
Thrash/Speed Metal - 33.3%
Death/Doom Metal - 0%
Black Metal - 16.7%
Grind Core - 0%

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Welcome to the Russian Metal Radio podcast!

We are a heavy, thrash, death, black metal music podcast geared towards small indie labels and unsigned bands and promoting the musical underground.

RusMetalRadio Podcast Free For All!



Episode 1 (25.07.2018) - Almost Dead

Today we would like to take this opportunity to briefly introduce Heavy band from Bay Area, USA – Almost Dead.

Is quite possibly the best metal band you've never heard of.

They won the two thousand and seven Gorilla Productions Battle of the Bands. Then went on to win the Tournament of Champions and have been grinding out hardcore metal ever since........


Episode 2 (01.08.2018) - Angelfall

Angelfall is an  emerging band in the Quebec thrash metal scene.

In late 2014, the power trio was born and included Dave Harvey on the guitar, Raphaël Raymond on the bass, and Michaël Raymond on the drums.

They used their synergy to forge their own sound, incorporating old school roots blended with modern influences. 


Episode 3 (18.08.2018) - Pokerface

The band was created in Moscow in 2013. Doctor (drums) and Dietrich (guitar) organized a group with ironic name – POKERFACE.

The band got over some changes of musicians, but it has never stopped  to work  intensively in studio and on stage and finally had crystallized its unique style.

POKERFACE shared the stage with such famous European bands as Sodom, Onkel Tom, Sister Sin Knorkator.


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